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Friday, April 08, 2005

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

Today our parish priest came to our home to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was blessed to have Mass said in my kitchen on the very table that we eat at today. May Jesus reign in our family and be King of our lives. I was so joyful today as I cleaned house to prepare for tonight. The sun was shining, our wisteria bush was in full bloom, the yard was bedecked with buttercups, and I had a special prayer in my heart. It was a prayer similar to one I prayed years ago, a few days after Mother Teresa died. I reflected on the fact that since Pope John Paul II had died there was a lot less Love on this earth than before. With great confidence in God's mercy and knowing full well that when we ask we receive, I begged God to fill my heart with the same amount of Divine Love that the earth had just lost. I also asked the priest to say this prayer for me during the consecration. I feel sure that my prayer was answered. Two things that happened today assure me that it was: This morning my heart was pierced by something someone said to me. This was done to open my heart to receive this Love. After the enthronement I felt humiliated and my soul was filled with bitterness. This is a suffering that is caused by the Fire of God's Love alone. These sufferings seem to come from exterior happenings, but I know better. Also, the priest spoke only about Divine Love during the homily and used Mother Teresa and Our Holy Father as examples. I thank you, O Lord, for Your great mercy and kindness and that You look with Love on such a miserable thing as me.


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