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Friday, April 22, 2005

Mary, Our Loving Mother

I mentioned earlier that the moon is a symbol of Our Lady. This is something that I love to meditate on. It delights me to stare up at the night sky and see the full moon in all its glory and the shining stars gathered around it... Some brighter than others... In the moon I see the glory of Our Lady and in the stars the lesser glory of the saints.

Of course Our Lady's glory is only a reflection of the glory of her Son, just as the moon doesn't shine with it's own brilliance but reflects the light of the sun. And since she is the Immaculate Conception she reflects the glory of God in a much brighter, more perfect way than all the saints who ever were or ever will be.

I was also interested to see a map of the moon. Scientists have named the dark areas "seas" even though there is no water on the moon. In Latin they are called "mare" pronounced "Mah-ray". Sounds alot like Mary to me... What's even better is that some of the seas seem to describe our heavenly Mother. There's Mare Fecunditatis, Mare Nectaris (she's most sweet), Mare Nubiuim (she's symbolized in the little cloud the size of a man's hand in the story of Elijah; a cloud that brings forth rain after a long drought, rain symbolising the grace we received through the Son she brought forth), Mare Serenitatis, Mare Tranquillitatis, Mare Orientale (Our Lady of the East), and Mare Cognitum (Our Lord has made known to us her glory). They don't all seem to point to her, but it's nice to know that some of these "maria" could be her titles.

Oh, how I love Our Lady! If more people knew her, then more people would know her Son and they would Love Him more. Dear Lord, make your mother known and Loved, for Your names sake. Amen.


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