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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Today after Mass I went for a walk at our town's very small nature park. As I was walking up the gravel path a little rock fell into my shoe. I decided to leave it there in honor of the wound in the right foot of Our Lord. So there I am walking along, enjoying the sweet smell of the pure, breezy air and I walk right past a woman who had just decided to light up a cigarette. Such a small thing, but it irritated me. So I said, "For You dear Lord." And then I remembered the times when I used to smoke. Times that I really didn't want to remember. I felt truly sorry for those times and I said, "Lord, I'm so sorry for smoking cigarettes, and even more sorry for all the horrible things I did during those times." And I heard an answer in the depths of my heart, "What things? I don't remember anything." How sweet!


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