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Friday, May 13, 2005

Confidence and Love Obtains All

A while back I wrote something I believe with a firm conviction: that when we fall into sin and return with sorrow and humility we gain more than before our fall. How happy I was to read today a quote from Saint Therese that echos my belief. She says that "when we return to Him He Loves us even better than before our fault... Yes, in an act of Love, even unfelt, all is retrieved and more."

As time goes on I come to see how wretched and little I really am. I'm such a simple soul and would never be accepted by the intellectuals of today... I know that I am nothing and less than nothing in the world's eyes. Even in Catholic circles I have a pretty good idea that I am looked upon as 'stupid' or 'weird'. Again Therese comes to my rescue and puts everything in perspective, "Sometimes when I read certain treatises where perfection is set forth as beset by a thousand obstacles, my poor little head grows very soon weary. I close the learned book which puzzles my brain and dries up my heart, and in its stead I open the Holy Scriptures. Then all appears to me in clear light; one single word discloses to my soul infinite horizons, perfections seems easy, I see that it suffices to recognize our nothingness, and to leave oneself like a child in the arms of the good God. I leave to great souls and sublime intellects books which I cannot understand, still less put in practice. I rejoice in being little, since children only and those who resemble them will be admitted to the celestial Banquet." She tells me "You are very little, remember; and when very little, one has not beautiful thoughts." And my heart is filled with joy and confidence when I read her words about the Mercy of the Lord to His little ones "'For to him that is little, mercy is granted.' (Wisdom 6:7) It is possible to remain little even while filling the most exalted positions and even in extreme old age... and it is written that at the end the Lord shall arise to save all the meek of the earth; it does not say judge, but to save." Little ones will not be judged. Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote in his catechism: "Of the good also, some will be saved and shall not be judged. They are the poor in spirit for God's sake who rather shall judge others." What more is there to say? If all could know and believe this what an explosion of sanctity we would see!


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