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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Tree of Life

Today as my children and I were driving back from a tour of St. John's Cathedral in Lafayette, Louisiana we were praying the Sorrowful Mysteries. Often as I look at the trees around me I am reminded of the Crown of Thorns... Every tree is a reminder to me of the Passion of Our Lord. The rounded tops are the Crown of Thorns, the branches reaching upward remind me of His outstretched arms, the wood of the tree reminds me of the cross He carried and was crucified on.

A tree played a part in our fall, the first sin of Adam; a tree played a part in our redemption, the crucifixion of Christ. How often Our Lord must have thought about this as He worked with wood, making tables, chairs, and all sorts of things with St. Joseph and then later alone to support His mother and Himself. What sorrow and what joy must have passed through that Sacred Heart as He thought of the ravages of sin and of the way He would make up for it. How much I owe to You, Sweet Jesus, for You saved my soul from hell. You Loved me before I was born and for all eternity You desire for me to be with You! I thank You and I will thank You forever!


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