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Sunday, June 05, 2005


I'll just throw out some thoughts here... Like I said, I'm not an intellectual... if I were I would write a book... but since I'm unable to articulate everything that I know about this subject I'll just throw out a list of some of my thoughts:

*If more women dressed modestly there would be a great lessening in the murder of children
*Modesty = respect for women = less fornication, adultery, etc. = the end of abortion
*Men look at women as objects because of the abundance of pornography and revealing styles women wear... not only women, but now also very young girls... this leads to perversion, pedophiles, etc.
*without the participation of women the pornography industry would not exist
*women enter the pornography industry because they are seeking love and acceptance
*they will never find love and acceptance there but only more abuse and disrespect
*Every woman will find her "Prince Charming" only in Jesus Christ Who will give INFINITE LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE and will lead the woman to her true vocation where she will reach her highest dignity as a child of God
*a woman dressed with modesty does not have to look "frumpy" but can appear very feminine and beautiful... much more beautiful than with skimpy clothing... beautiful clothing is an adornment
*if women dressed beautifully and modestly then it would bring out the deep yearning in men's hearts to be "protectors"... It would lead to a kind of noble knighthood in man to act with integrity towards the GIFT of woman
*woman can LIFT UP man or bring him down to the level of an animal


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