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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Our Loving Father

I've been thinking about my heavenly Father lately. I ordered a book by Mother Eugenia and read a few pages before prayer today. It's called The Father Speaks to His Children and is a book of messages from God the Father to Mother Eugenia that is approved by the Church. It is the only one of it's kind. I became ecstatic reading those few pages and during prayer I rested peacefully in my Father's arms. How loving He is and how little known! It is He who sent His Son Jesus to die for the sins of mankind! It is He who would have sent Our Lord to earth to die for my sins alone if I were the only one who needed to be redeemed! He loves and cherishes us more than the best of fathers. He longs to be loved in return. He waits for our confidence and desires. How He longs to hear a word or to see a look of Love from His beloved children. If He was better known He would not be feared at all. Our sins are nothing compared to our Love. He said that "For Me, your sins are like iron, and your acts of Love like gold. If you gave Me a thousand pounds of iron, it would not be like giving Me just ten pounds of gold! In other words, with just a little Love, great iniquities can be expiated."

It is so easy to become a saint! I believe this with all my heart and nothing can make me disbelieve it! All it takes is the desire and the will to do it. If you want to become a great saint, then you can. With God all things are possible. Turn to Him with trust and Love - even if you think you have none. If you have the desire to trust and Love - that is sufficient. Start with that desire and ask for more. My God I long to Love You as You have never been Loved before, grant me this gift, although I am unworthy of it. Make of me what You want and then all my dreams will come true. My one desire is to become what You want me to become, no matter how insignificant or how great - that is not what matters. What matters is that You are pleased with me. That I can make you smile. That I can give delight to Your Heart. You are my all in all!

"If we become what God intended for us to become, we will set the world on fire!" ~ St. Catherine of Siena


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