Victim of Love

The thoughts and prayers of a soul who deeply desires to Love God as He Himself desires to be Loved.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Eternal Love

During the rosary today I was thinking how awesome God is. He's ETERNAL. That's something that can make your head hurt, to think that He had no beginning, but always was and always will be. And since He's perfect and all-knowing that means that for all eternity, before the world was made, He knew you and loved you. Isn't that overwhelming? I encourage you to meditate on it for a few days and come back to it often. It's a thought that can last a lifetime. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks and it just gets more and more beautiful. And then to think that this Eternal, Divine Being created us with a free will so that we could choose to Love Him in return. You see, if He hadn't given us free will (the ability to choose between good and evil) then we wouldn't be able to freely Love Him. We would be like puppets or a robot that's been programmed to obey and serve someone. He didn't want it that way, but gave us the awesome responsibility to choose. We have a choice and are free to choose to Love our Creator (who Loves us with a Love so great that we can't comprehend it), or to reject His Love. Of course, He knew that giving us the ability to choose would open the way to evil and suffering, but all suffering comes from man and his sin, not from God. So many people question why there is suffering in the world and even have the nerve to blame God for it. But there's no one to blame but ourselves. Every bit of suffering on this earth is the fruit of our sinful choices or the choices of our ancestors, all the way back to our first parents, Adam and Eve. It is sin that brought sickness, suffering, and death into the world. But wait!! There's more!!! Because man chose to sin and lost eternal joy and glory because of it - this Almighty, Eternal, All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Loving, Divine Being who made us didn't want us to be lost forever. So He became man Himself... He clothed His Divinity in flesh and came on this earth to suffer hunger, thirst, weariness, pain, humiliation, etc. All the things He had never and would never have felt in His heavenly glory... And not only to suffer, but to DIE! So that we could get to heaven and rejoice with Him for all eternity! WHAT LOVE AND MERCY! Think about it. Remember always that God Loves you as if you were the only person in the world and He would have done it all just for you. This is a truth that so many people don't know about. We must Love Him for those who choose not to. We must Love Him greatly... with His own Love...therefore we can Love Him INFINITELY!!! We are called to Love Him and what glory will be ours when we get to heaven! We will see all those who went to heaven because of our Love! We will have numberless children in heaven who would have been lost forever but are there for all eternity only because we chose to Love this God who is so Loveable! My heart beats fast and hard when I think of it! I want you to know what I know, I want you to Love Him as I do! (Or rather, as I DESIRE to do; for I don't Love Him enough.)

I will leave you with a little story told by St. Alphonsus Liguori that I read at the beginning of my conversion over ten years ago and it has stayed fresh in my memory ever since:

"We read in history of a proof of love so prodigious that it will be the admiration of all ages: There once was a king, lord of many kingdoms, who had one only son, so beautiful, so holy, so amiable, that he was the delight of his father, who loved him as much as himself. This young prince had a great affection for one of his slaves; so much so that, the slave having been condemned to death, the prince offered to die for the slave; the father, being jealous of justice, was satisfied to condemn his beloved son to death, in order that the slave might remain free from the punishment that he deserved ; and thus the son died a criminal's death, and the slave was free from punishment.

This fact, the like we have never seen in this world, and never will happen, is related in the Gospels, where we read that the Son of God, the Lord of the Universe, seeing that man was condemned to eternal death in punishment for his sins, chose to pay by His death the penalty due to man."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!

October 16, 1890 - July 6, 1902

Saint Maria Goretti was martyred in defense of the virtue of purity. To read more about her go to The above painting is how she actually looked. May she intercede for our world today and help young women to remain pure and modest. May she reveal to us the beauty of true femininity.